October 29th, 2010 – Is Foursquare a social tool or stalking tool? Share your opinions! How would you persuade your friends to install Foursquare? If you’ve never heard of Foursquare before, check out! I personally love Foursquare =P

– Tan Wai Kit

Bleeding love (Special Edition)

October 27th, 2010 – We saw a crazy jump in traffic during our previous 100th strip celebration and we’d like to thank y’all that came and support. Therefore, we thought that we might do a little ‘fake’ strip as an after-party celebration. Once again, I have to mention that the above story is just not real, but you’re probably not listening to a word I’m saying, are you?

– Dan Khoo


October 18th, 2010 – Some dilemma we had on whether or not to copyright our stuff. Then again, we don’t know if we would actually be proud to see someone who would actually bother to pirate our stuff or not!

– Tan Wai Kit

Inspirational ownage

October 13th, 2010 – I wanted to tweet something inspirational and eye opening. Instead, I was owned by a friend who replied immediately to my tweet with the above remark. LOL! 😀

– Tan Wai Kit

Manly misconception

October 8th, 2010 – Sorry guys, looks like we didn’t do our kind any favour here. However, it does not mean that we are all unethical. It was only a misunderstanding!

– Tan Wai Kit