Copycat marketing

Feb 20th, 2011 – If you’re wondering if this story is true or not, it is. Of course, not with Dan and me in it. Heard this story somewhere from a guy when he was really really young, maybe at Standard 1. Yeah, the times when you would just copy something blindly.

– Tan Wai Kit

Valentines day

Feb 14th, 2011 –  It turns out that my friend gave a plush toy to most of her friends as a friendly gesture. On a side note, Happy Valenti- I mean, Happy Foreveralone Day everyone! Let us take this moment to remember and celebrate our singlehood! Lol.

– Tan Wai Kit

Dog abuse fail (Special Edition)

Feb 11th, 2011 – Back to back Special Edition strips! We’re pretty sure you’re familiar with this story. No, of course we didn’t try to abuse our pets – we love animals! To that little poodle that was abused, may its soul rest in peace!

– Tan Wai Kit

Castrol Football Crazy (Event edition)

Feb 8th, 2011 – My recent futsal game with the Adverlets bloggers ended up with a little misery. Still, it was a cool experience and I got to be on national TV! Well, at least for a short moment 😛 Catch us all again on the 10th Febuary, 8PM Channel 812 on Astro and you might just see me get hit in the nuts!

– Dan Khoo

The thing about girls

Feb 2nd, 2011 – The thing about girls is….they can occasionally give you a pretty damn frustrating conversation. On a side note, we’d like to wish all our readers a happy and prosperous festive season. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

– Tan Wai Kit