Top 10 Best Comic Books About Sports In Jump History

Prince of Tennis – 268 votes

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The story takes place in a middle school in Tokyo revolving around the young Ryoma Echizen, a tennis genius who joined Seishun Academy. Ryoma quickly defeated his seniors after going to school to win a place in the official lineup. In the process of pursuing his final goal, Ryoma gradually developed his own style of play and realized what the sport meant to him.

Captain Tsubasa – 289 votes

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The series is about Ozora Tsubasa, a soccer prodigy, who cherishes the dream of playing for the Japanese national football team and winning the World Championship. When moving to Nankatsu, Tsubasa befriends Ishizaki Ryou, a boy of his age who loves football, Wakabayashi Genzo, the talented goalkeeper of the school team Shutetsu and Sanae (or Anego), the girl’s cheerleader team leader. Nankatsu … The series has achieved a lot of success and popularity worldwide.

Kuroko no Basket – 463 votes

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The story about Teikou Middle School basketball team is a legendary team known as the “Generation of Miracles”. After graduating, these 5 stars moved to various high schools in basketball. However, little is known about the 6th player with the nickname “ghost” – Kuroko Tetsuya.

Kuroko moved to the school with the newly formed basketball team without potential. But Kuroko met Kagami Taiga – the specter and the light that met, they worked together to achieve their goals and dreams to bring Seirin to the Japanese championship.

Haikyuu – 546 votes

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Haikyuu is about Hinata Shouyou, a junior high school student who wishes to become a volleyball athlete after watching a match. He decided to join the high school volleyball team, and after finding enough members he was able to join the first match in his life after 3 years of waiting.

Here he encounters Tobio’s “king of the battlefield” and is beaten to the point of defeat in the first match, but loses but he remains determined to train to revenge. However, when going to level 3, in the wrong way, how do these two people become each other’s team mates?

Slam Dunk – 1,191 votes

This is probably a famous series that everyone who loves sports must know, not only does the series inspire a passion for basketball for so many generations.

Slam Dunk talks about a high school basketball team called Shohoku. The main character of this manga is Hanamichi Sakuragi, a record holder of “T squared” (falling in love), with outstanding strength and very hot blood, leading a group of disruptive students.

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Although he came to basketball because he wanted to catch the attention of his friend Haruko, Hanamichi has really found love for this subject since playing basketball. It is Slam Dunk’s meaningful and humorous story that makes it an extremely memorable and worth watching anime among sports series.














Discover The Literary Aspects Of Malaysia

A scandal in 1911, involving the wife of a principal at a KL school. She was the one who was convicted in a murder trial after shooting her lover, the basis for the short story of Somerset Maugham and The Letter.

Anthony Burgess collected and chained the themes of diving days in British colonialism into Malaya Trilogy, written in 1950 when he was a high school teacher throughout the country. He is also Burgess, who coined the phrase “Cooler”. Malayan Life of Ferdach O Haney is a fictional work, the experience of Frederick Lees author in the 1950s. Lees observed the mid-20th century life in KL as a leading civil servant.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Khám phá những khía cạnh nghệ thuật của Malaysia

The literary chain has long been passed to local writers. Tash Aw, author of debut novels such as The Harmony Silk Factory, won the Whitbread First Novel Award 2005. Tan Twan Eng – the nominated author of the Man Booker Prize, who produced literary works Learn to express the passion for Malaysia’s past and the impact of Japanese culture. Preeta Samarasan, the author of Evening is the Whole Day novel, illuminated the experiences of an Indian immigrant family in the early 1980s.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Khám phá những khía cạnh nghệ thuật của Malaysia

Samarasan is one of the writers writing Urban Odysseys, edited by Janet Tay and Eric Forbes. Urban Odysseys is a collection of short stories in KL. A great collection of short stories about different aspects of sex is Body 2 Body, edited by Jerome Kugan and Pang Khee Teik. This collection has a story of Brian Gomez, the author of Devil Place comedy is very interesting to read and very sexy. Confessions of an Old Boy by Kam Raslan is a humorous story, about the adventures of both politicians inside and outside the country of Dato‘Hamid.

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Top promoters lighting KL are Sharon Bakar and Bernice Chauly. They hold two monthly literary events around town: Reading Seksan and Ceritaku. The samples at Reading events were published in two volumes of Readings from Readings.






7 Famous Commics Are Banned Circulation Of The World

Related to the issues of political, religious or pornographic content is the main reason why the following famous comics are banned in many countries.


7 bo truyen tranh noi tieng bi cam luu hanh tren the gioi hinh anh 1

In 2014, the series grossing Ultraman: The Ultra Power is banned in Malaysia due to the use of the word Allah – the name of the Supreme God of Islam, the main religion in the country. Allah is referred to in the series next to the superheroes, this behavior is lowered him. The Malaysian Ministry of the Interior gave the spokesman about the ban: “Ultraman was very loved by young fans, but the act of comparing this Superman with Allah will cause the deviations in thought and faith of the public”. The owner of the strip may be imprisonment up to 3 years or fine of US $6,000.


7 bo truyen tranh noi tieng bi cam luu hanh tren the gioi hinh anh 2

The entire series of comic strips and cartoon world renowned Pokémon are banned in the United Arab Emirates in 2001. This comic was authorities accuse of encouraging social ills and contain many Christian symbols. At that time the Pokémon card game was very popular, this was also the section would cause widespread outbreak of a silver post way out of control in this country.

Death Note

7 bo truyen tranh noi tieng bi cam luu hanh tren the gioi hinh anh 3

Death Note comic series was banned in China, the story of a student named Light Yagami uses supernatural methods to destroy the crime being considered as “ridiculous and illegal”. In addition to the Heavenly Mission book, the Chinese Government also banned a series of other violence as the Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan and Psycho-Pass because of “adverse psychological freshness and students”. Death Note is also prohibited to publish in many other countries such as Mexico, Russia and Vietnam.

Barefoot Gen

7 bo truyen tranh noi tieng bi cam luu hanh tren the gioi hinh anh 4

Some schools in Japan stopped issuing Barefoot Gen – document was used to teach about the history of the First World War – beacause of content with its violence.

Dragon Balls

7 bo truyen tranh noi tieng bi cam luu hanh tren the gioi hinh anh 5

As one of the famous manga in the world are banned in many public schools in Maryland, USA. In 2009, a wide range of primary and secondary schools in Maryland has stopped circulating Dragon Balls in library with books containing reasons “pornography”. Earlier in 1999, the chain famous toy store TOYS R US in the United States must stop issuing Dragon Ball Z because parents complain that the story as “depraved cultural products of light”.

Manga, 60 Years Of Japanese Comics

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The book on the history of Japanese comics banned in many libraries in the city of California, USA, after a complaint from a parent of the book contains paintings of human relationships with animals not of the fine traditions continuously.

Welcome to Sugar Pot

7 bo truyen tranh noi tieng bi cam luu hanh tren the gioi hinh anh 7

The manga genre this adult banned in Japan due homeland decree contrary to the healthy development for young manga when sexy pictures contain excessive regulation. With the upcoming Olympics 2020 in Japan, is expected to top many stories with the content or drawing too “adult” stopped issuing.