Slam Dunk: The classic comic series of love for basketball

Can a comic book help bring basketball to many generations? The answer is “Yes” to Slam Dunk’s case.

Since the series was released in 1990, in 2010, Inoue Takehiko has been awarded a compliment by the Japan Basketball Association for publicizing the sport throughout Japan. In the world, a whole generation of 8x and 9x young people must admit that they come to basketball because of Slam Dunk.

Not everyone knows Slam Dunk has a very high status in society. It is in the Top 10 best-selling manga of all time, even though it has only 31 episodes at the time of its release within 6 years. Slam Dunk’s English translation is also ranked in the Top 100 comics according to votes from prestigious American comic magazines.

Bức hình và bài viết gây nhầm lẫn về hình mẫu của Hanamichi.

After that, author Inoue Takehiko also released two more series of stories to take the theme of basketball is Buzzer Beater and Real but did not achieve much success with Slam Dunk. By 2012, Slam Dunk sold more than 120 million copies in Japan alone, becoming a phenomenon in the sports comic genre.

Inoue Takehiko began to have the idea of ​​drawing Slam Dunk long since he loved basketball from high school. When the first pages of the series were completed, the author was surprised when he received many letters from readers saying they started playing this sport from manga. Previously, Inoue Takehiko’s editor with the old thought also told him that “basketball is a ban in this world (manga)”, because it is hard to believe that the series with such content can sell well.

In the first episode of Slam Dunk, readers can see that the main content still follows the storytelling of the school and the stories of student gangs with basketball-only jewelry as a background.

Rodman trong mái tóc đỏ có nhiều pha bóng y xì Hanamichi.

From those letters, Inoue Takehiko has more faith to decide that he will dig deeper into basketball matches. Thereby, it is possible to convey the feelings or thoughts of the players whenever they win or as they fail. With this series, Inoue wants readers to feel the zeal and increase their love for basketball.

The author’s memories also affect Slam Dunk. At first, he went to basketball just because he wanted to get married with his girlfriends, but later he became addicted. This is also the story of the main character Hanamichi Sakuragi, who plays basketball only for the girl he likes, then gradually becomes deeply attached.

Pha bóng này của Sawakita cũng được lấy mẫu từ pha bóng tương tự của Jordan.

This is shown in a very moving image at the end of the story. When Hanamichi was unconscious after an injury, he took the role of his girlfriend and said: “I really like it. This time I’m telling the truth”. Many people mistakenly believe this is a confession to Haruko but actually is Hanamichi’s confession to basketball.

9X Malaysia spends nearly $50,000 on surgery like Squall Leonhart comic character

Too infatuated with Squall Leonhart in the popular Final Fantasy game, 9X Malaysia spent RM180,000 on the face of Squall.

Amirul Rizwan Musa, also known as Miyyo Rizone, the boy from Kelantan became the focus of attention in Malaysia after a series of facial images of cosmetic surgery spread online.

Sharing with the New Straits Times, Miyyo said before that, his image has also become a topic of discussion among many people, many of whom have repeatedly left critical and critical comments acrimonious.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 9X Malaysia chi gần 1 tỷ đồng để phẫu thuật giống nhân vật truyện tranh

“I attracted so much attention that it disliked some customers, they condemned me for touching a knife to change my appearance”, Miyyo said. He owns a spa in Kelantan, regularly traveling to Kuala Lumpur regularly. “People insult me ​​both online and on the street. My family members also criticized me, including siblings. Only my parents support me”.

Miyyo asked the public to stop scrutinizing his life and speak ill because he was in a crisis. Earlier, local newspapers reported that Miyyo had spent more than RM180,000 on her chin, eyelid removal, nose repair and foreign skin whitening like Ken doll and Japanese cartoon character Squall Leonhart.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 9X Malaysia chi gần 1 tỷ đồng để phẫu thuật giống nhân vật truyện tranh

Many are concerned that Miyyo’s actions will entice young people, and the boy claims he never intended to advise others on plastic surgery. His photos are of great interest to social network users, which makes him more convenient in business.

“After getting chickenpox at the age of 16, much worse skin made me lose confidence. I’m always obsessed with cartoon characters. Feeling ashamed of my ugly appearance, I decided to go for surgery to be more confident”, 9X Malaysia said.

Becoming the focal point of public opinion also contributes to the guy’s cosmetics business. As far as information is known, since the post-surgery photo was posted online, the sales also reached a larger number than before.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Squall Leonhart

Earlier, Malaysian media reported that Miyyo had spent more than $41,000 to perform plastic surgery like the doll Ken (Barbie doll boyfriend) and Japanese cartoon character Squall Leonhart.

Many people were worried that Miyyo’s actions would affect young people, however, the young man said he never intended to encourage others to perform plastic surgery like him.