One Piece: 5 characters who died for Luffy, and Ace’s death made many people regret (Part 1)

There are people who sacrifice their arms, but there are also people who have to sacrifice their lives. They are both heroes when they are willing to trade everything for Luffy.

The world of One Piece is very dangerous, especially if you are a pirate. You not only have to deal with monsters and other pirates, you also have to deal with mighty members of the Navy.

In it Luffy is an extraordinary pirate, who has made the World Government and most bloody pirates to be afraid of. Throughout his journey he has faced many terrible enemies, even many times before death without help.

Here are 5 characters who died for Luffy. There are deaths that many people have to regret.

1. Shanks sacrifices an arm to help Luffy

When Luffy was a child he was kidnapped by the mountain bandit Higuma and drowned in the ocean. Right now there are sea monsters near those waters that are endangering him.

And suddenly at the most dangerous moment Shanks came and saved Luffy, but at the cost of Red Hair, he lost an arm. He also became the first character to die for Luffy.

We have seen that Mihawk no longer wanted to fight Shanks because he had an arm. This shows that it greatly affects his strength.

2. Zoro sacrificed himself to accept all of Luffy’s fatigue and pain

For this part, Zoro isn’t the only one trying to sacrifice himself for Luffy’s sake. Sanji and the other Straw Hat crew members were also willing to sacrifice many times to save their captain.

However, during his confrontation with Kuma, Zoro proved to be a true hero when he willingly accepted all the fatigue and pain that Luffy suffered even though he himself was seriously injured after the battle. against Oars.

Kuma’s technique was supposed to kill Zoro right then and there, but fortunately, our swordsman overcame everything and lived to this day.