Adventure with the tiny warrior Astérix

The comic series “The Adventures of Astérix” offers fun, engaging stories that celebrate friendship, courage and the ideal of freedom.

Astérix’s adventures are set 50 years BC, when the whole of Gaule was invaded by a Roman expedition. However, there is still an indomitable Gaulois village that rose to resistance against the invaders.

It was in the critical moments that Astérix and Obélix, two brave and intelligent Gaulois men appeared as the souls of the resistance, who were heroes of the time.

Thanks to the magic potion of the old magician, they possess unrivaled power, side by side with the brothers who have experienced many funny and exciting adventures in the wild and ancient space of the West Ancient Europe.

Over the past 60 years, the humorous, brave Italian pair Astérix and Obélix that represent the French personality has become very familiar to many generations of readers who love European comics.

For Vietnamese readers only, over the past 20 years, Astérix comics still have a strong vitality, a part of the beautiful childhood memories of many generations of readers.

The comics The Adventures of Astérix is ​​associated with the names of authors René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. The series first appeared in the children’s comic magazine Pilote on October 29, 1959, translated into 107 languages, publishing nearly 400 million copies.

Astérix is ​​the main character, and also the hero of adventures. Astérix is ​​a small warrior, very intelligent. He has supernatural powers thanks to the magical water of Master Panoramix.

Obélix is ​​Astérix’s shadow-like best friend. He works as a stone hewler, very fond of wild boar. Obélix is ​​always ready to give up everything to plunge into the adventures with Astérix.

Panoramix is ​​the village’s revered mage, specializing in picking mistletoe leaves to cook magic water. His success is that the kind of water that everyone drinks into will become superheroes.

They are the three important characters in each story volume. Their different looks and diverse personalities make Astérix, Obélix and Panoramix also create interesting stories together.

Not only is it fun to laugh with the fun of adventures, but the series also gives readers profound lessons, that is courage, sincere friendship, and passionate love for nature. and the land where I was born and raised.

Through the adventures of Astérix and friends, we see that they have united against the invading forces to protect the village of Gaulois. No matter how strong the enemy is, they fight with all their might and never step back.

Each volume of Astérix’s Adventures is a mission, a fight against bad forces to protect the village. The story is full of epic, with the character Astérix as the hero, who always leads the friends and neighbors in the battles.

The Adventures of Astérix can also give the reader a wealth of knowledge about a historical era, in the form of beautiful pictures and clever storytelling.