Malaysian Publisher Of “Doraemon” Comics Ends 24-Year Of Working

Tora Aman, the local publisher of beloved and interesting comic books such as “Doraemon” and “Detective” Conan will be closing after 24 years of working.

Not only in Malaysia but also most of people all over the world grew up by reading the indigenous version of Doraemon comics regardless racially discriminated. Aside from school, Doraemon is probably one of the most amazing comic books in Malaysia that taught them Bahasa Malaysia during their early childhood. And despite the Bahasa Malaysia translation versions weren’t so nice, at least this comic was educational in nature.

Tora Aman, the local publisher of beloved comic books like ‘Doraemon’ and ‘Detective’ Conan will be closing for good after 24 years. — TheHive.Asia pic

Recently, there has an announcement that after 24 years of operating, Tora Aman, the local publisher that wonderful comic books like Doraemon and Detective Conan will be closing down. Foremost, the publishing firm will be clear the ground all of its comic books, with prices as low as RM2 per a book.

An announcement was posted on Facebook of Tora Aman. According to that, they will be having a Clearance Sale. And they will be offering a 50 per cent discount on every books. The Clearance Sale will be occured from April 11 to May 26.

Tora Aman is holding an ‘everything must go’ sale at its main store in Bandar Kinrara. — TheHive.Asia pic

The selling event happens at the main store of Tora Aman’s at 9, Jalan BK 1/18, Kinrara Industrial Park, Bandar Kinrara, 47100 Puchong Selangor. The store will be opened every Monday until Friday, from 9am to 5pm until the commodities are finished.

In Malaysia, Tora Aman is one of the largest comic publishing houses. This publisher has translated so many Japanese comics into the Malay and Chinese language. Of course, their most famous titles are Doraemon and Detective Conan. In addition, the publisher has also released other popular titles like Great Teacher Onizuka, Slam Dunk and Captain Tsubasa.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tora Aman

Along with the appearances of lots of online comic platforms in the modern society, the local publisher decided to cease their publishing activities because their receipts have been dropping very much in the past few years.

According to TheHive.Asia, the rising of Tora Aman takes place shortly after the Comics House, another local publish firm that printed translated titles of Dragon Ball, Crayon Shin-chan, One Piece, Naruto and Bleach — had finished its 21-year-work in October last year.

Using “Allah” To Refer Hero, Ultraman Has Been Banned In Malaysia

An Ultraman comic book has been banned in Malaysia since 2014 because it uses the word “Allah” to describe the Japanese action hero.

In a statement in 2014, The Home Ministry said that the Malaysia verison of “Ultraman: The Ultra Power” contained lots of elements that can consume the public security and societal ethics. It is said that: “Ultraman is idolised by many children”. And equating the main character, Ultraman King, with Allah would especially confuse Muslim children and damage their reliance.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ultraman

Allah, the Arabic word for God, is usually used to refer to God in the Malay language. The government says Allah should be exclusively segregated for Muslims due to concerns its use by others would confuse Muslims and ruin them to convert. Malay Muslims account for about 60 percent of 30 million people in Malaysia, while Christians makeup only about 9 percent of the population in this country. The ministry said that Allah is holy for Muslims and warned that the irresponsible use of that word can rile the community and menace the public safety.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Ultraman is a fictional Japanese superhero who fights with monsters and first appeared on television in the 1960s. A line in this comic book said that Ultraman is considered and respected as Allah, or the Elder, to all super heros.

The ministry said: “The Ultraman character is not prohibited and only this edition is banned”. It warned that anyone who is caught because of distributing the book could be sentenced three years in prison. The government which postponed the word Allah has stimulated a controversy in this multi-racial Southeast Asian country, where many Malay-speaking Christians commonly use Allah to refer to God.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Religious tensions have been high in the past five years after the Catholic church went to court to ransack the right to use Allah in its weekly newspaper. Last year, a lower court adjudicated to support the government, which the Catholic church has appealed to the country’s highest court. The Federal Court told that it will decide at a later date whether to hear the case.

Comics about Malaysia

Bolehland is an online comic series created by Tan Wai Kit, the artist of the comics, and Dan Khoo, the designer of the site and editor of the photos. These two creators decided to come together to show everyone worldwide their experiences in Malaysia and the culture surrounding the unique Asian country by creating comics about Malaysia. The comics are like what you would see in a typical newspaper: three to seven strips, cute and cartoon-esque art style, and a humorous event that is related to the country. However, not every comic posted is about Malaysia.

One of the more recent ones was about the artist’s experience during his trip in India. Moreover, you can find the comics, information about the artist and the site designer, and read updates about their experiences via their Twitter and Facebook accounts – which both can be found on the main page of the website. Plus, there’s also a support button which will lead users to a site where they can donate to the creators if desired. An interesting fact about this webcomic is that it was featured in a local newspaper, Sinar Harian, and the creators talked about their motivation for creating the webrooming, how they started the website and more information regarding their creations.

What is Malaysia like?

According to the creators of the site, Malaysia is an interesting country to live where anything could happen! Though moreover than that, Malaysia is known for being one of the most popular places to visit if you’re craving a taste of visiting a beautiful country with a stunning coast. Plus, outside of the country coats, Malaysia has some of the jaw-dropping forests and national parks that are home to some interesting wildlife, such as big cats, Asian elephants, hornbills and other bird species, and a whopping number of over 250 reptile species as well. So, Malaysia is a hub that you should consider visiting if you have a passion for natural beauty that can be observed safely.

Though, if nature isn’t your passion nor your forte, Malaysia has one of the best food selections that you can find in Asia. Due to the country being surrounded by other populous Asian countries, their food is a mix of meals and spices found in India, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. No matter where you may head to, or what restaurant you visit, you are sure to come across a unique and diverse menu of meal choices. Though, it is recommended that you try them all! It’s better to expense Malaysia in full and get to know the culture by tasting some of their amazing food.

Lastly, Malaysia is more diverse than it may originally seem at times. Since it is surrounded by an array of other Asian countries, its common to find a blend of the cultures in Malaysia. Around 54% of Malaysians are either Malay, Jawa, Minang, or some other race. However, a whopping 62% of the population is Muslim, and around 11% of the population identifies as natives who can be Islam, Christian, or Animist. Malaysia is basically a melting pot of diversity which is rich, respectful, and just hands down a unique.

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January 23rd, 2012 – Family reunions, lou sang sessions, gambling for fun, Happy Chinese New Year everyone. May everyone have a good holiday as well =D.

– Tan Wai Kit