Golden Comics Award & Connection 2018 promotes international cooperation

Golden Comics Awards & Connections 2018, which takes place on October 2, is considered the historic success of those in charge of this comic event as well as those in this field.

That event once again attracted great attention thanks to the efforts of the organizers of the Taiwan Cultural Agency for organizing international exchange and networking events with the award ceremony.

Commenting on the above events, Hew Kuan-yau, Malaysia’s Managing Director of Asian Comic Books, said the Taiwanese comics field continued to be surprising, and the comic books he was seen at This event has been more diverse over the years. Elisabeth Wolf, the founder of the company and owner of Swiss Chinabooks E.Wolf, was pleased with the results of this year’s ceremony when buyers could buy comic rights when meeting some good comic artists. most of Taiwan. Paul Gravett, an independent British executive, notes that Sean Chuang is one of the best comic novelists in the world, and he hopes to see more literary comics in future events.

Taiwan’s comic is a rich source of products, ready to turn into derivative products. Understanding this well, the Gold Comics Award & Connection 2018 has a showcase that showcases how Taiwanese comic books have been inspired to be adapted into movies, games and music. AKRU’s “Scrolls of the Northern City” was released as a film, praised by French comic-book expert Laurent Melikian and Access Bright’s Japanese CEO Osato Yuji. Osato Yuji thinks that this product has shown a natural connection between comics and feature films.

Attracting the attention in the 2018 program is the exhibition of expanded practical applications (XR) of Young-Jiu Store and exhibiting themed songs with the Demo comic version. Overall the event shows the outstanding result of promoting derivative works in a culturally creative economy.

The year 2018 also marks the first collaboration of the Golden Comics Award & Connection with Japan’s Kaigai Manga Festa. Organizers paid for the 9th GCA winner Li Lung-chieh to attend this year’s Kaigai event. Other GCA winners will attend the COMITIA event in Tokyo in November as well as the Kitakyushu Pop Cultural Festival.

The Golden Comics Award & Connection 2018 is not only an opportunity to absorb new ideas into the local market, but also bring Taiwanese comics to the world.

Malaysian Laughs and Incredibly Strange Stories

Bolehland is where everything is possible even strange tales, and unbelievable things can happen, some say it’s the “can do” attitude that makes it so, others just smile and enjoy the flow of strange, even true events. It reminds of the word Kiasu, used in Singapore, Bolehland’s meaning is no obstacles are ever too difficult or hard to overcome. While many laughs about the Kiasu ways of the Singaporeans, it might not be all that funny unless you take the stand that the Bolehland ways are far superior to that of the pesky neighbours. A few tales that have been told in the past confirms what a Bolehland attitude is all about.

Prime Minister Grants Perodua Licenses

The first tale requires that you first know that in order to get a Perodua dealership it is necessary to first see the Prime Minister. It seems that such a dealership license can only be granted by the highest political office and to confirm this you could read up more about the confession of Vasu, Chithirakala, as he thanked the MIC leader. So many believe the reason for the PM never having the time to get to all his tasks could be due to his dealings with Perodua licenses.

€114 Million Paid to the Kantow-tant

Then there is also the submarine deal by the government in which Perimaker, a Malaysian company enjoyed a fee worth €114 million for their coordination and support services. Now believe the “anything can happen” scenario? In this one, it might seem that government are unable to buy directly from countries and must depend on middlemen, and this is where the opportunity for those calling themselves consultants flourish as since in Bolehland senior consultants have the name of “kantow-tants.”

Wives Upset by the Pondan

The third tale part of all the can-do tales in Bolehland or the stories doing the rounds is the full page the Bahasa-Daily devoted to the doings of the Malay men, they all left their wives for transvestite lovers called “pondan”. Wives complained, and the Pertubuhan Kebaijkan Sahabat Insan Malaysia received many letters from the women upset about losing their husbands to she-male lovers.

What followed were scientific surveys and detailed investigations, and at the end of it, all the blame fell on the wife’s attitudes when all was learned about the pondan’s attracting the husbands. The advice the chairman shared with the wives was to take care of their husbands and to pamper them. The husbands agreed that they fell in love with the transvestites due to the services they offered, and in the long run, the she-lovers were more devoted. It does question the statements by the highest ranked politician that Malaysia is a completely Islamic country though, so it’s questionable also that pondan could be a problem in such a community, but as we know in Bolehland, anything is possible.

There are thousands of tales to be told about strange but true things part of the Bolehland and most are even more strange than those already mentioned, so maybe soon we will explore more unreal happenings with those who like to giggle and enjoy the stories of a place where anything is possible.

Comics about Malaysia

Bolehland is an online comic series created by Tan Wai Kit, the artist of the comics, and Dan Khoo, the designer of the site and editor of the photos. These two creators decided to come together to show everyone worldwide their experiences in Malaysia and the culture surrounding the unique Asian country by creating comics about Malaysia. The comics are like what you would see in a typical newspaper: three to seven strips, cute and cartoon-esque art style, and a humorous event that is related to the country. However, not every comic posted is about Malaysia.

One of the more recent ones was about the artist’s experience during his trip in India. Moreover, you can find the comics, information about the artist and the site designer, and read updates about their experiences via their Twitter and Facebook accounts – which both can be found on the main page of the website. Plus, there’s also a support button which will lead users to a site where they can donate to the creators if desired. An interesting fact about this webcomic is that it was featured in a local newspaper, Sinar Harian, and the creators talked about their motivation for creating the webrooming, how they started the website and more information regarding their creations.

What is Malaysia like?

According to the creators of the site, Malaysia is an interesting country to live where anything could happen! Though moreover than that, Malaysia is known for being one of the most popular places to visit if you’re craving a taste of visiting a beautiful country with a stunning coast. Plus, outside of the country coats, Malaysia has some of the jaw-dropping forests and national parks that are home to some interesting wildlife, such as big cats, Asian elephants, hornbills and other bird species, and a whopping number of over 250 reptile species as well. So, Malaysia is a hub that you should consider visiting if you have a passion for natural beauty that can be observed safely.

Though, if nature isn’t your passion nor your forte, Malaysia has one of the best food selections that you can find in Asia. Due to the country being surrounded by other populous Asian countries, their food is a mix of meals and spices found in India, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. No matter where you may head to, or what restaurant you visit, you are sure to come across a unique and diverse menu of meal choices. Though, it is recommended that you try them all! It’s better to expense Malaysia in full and get to know the culture by tasting some of their amazing food.

Lastly, Malaysia is more diverse than it may originally seem at times. Since it is surrounded by an array of other Asian countries, its common to find a blend of the cultures in Malaysia. Around 54% of Malaysians are either Malay, Jawa, Minang, or some other race. However, a whopping 62% of the population is Muslim, and around 11% of the population identifies as natives who can be Islam, Christian, or Animist. Malaysia is basically a melting pot of diversity which is rich, respectful, and just hands down a unique.