Bolehland is not a food that can be eaten, but rather it is the other more ‘affectionate’ name of Malaysia. Contrary to popular believe, the residents of Malaysia do not live on coconut trees, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t. I mean after all, Bolehland means that a land where anything can and possibly will happen. While we don’t suppose anything cool would happen to the both of us who run this site, we would still like to tell the tales of our lives in this comic-site.

As you read through, you will notice that we are just two average guys from the planet. We aren’t superstars – in fact, some would say that we are less than average, but it doesn’t mean that you can laugh at us. Have compassion, alright? Enjoy!

WHO IS HE? Tan Wai Kit
WHAT DOES HE DO? He’s the artist.
WORDS OF WISDOM? I don’t have to say much – I’ll let my vital stats do the talking.
Single since : Birth
Flirting Ability : 16/100 (Non-existant)
Approach Girl Ability : 32/100 (Disastrous)
EMO ability : 92/100 (It’s like my ulti skill)
Confidence with Liverpool : 71/100 (Liverpool FTW!) 

WHO IS HE? Dan Khoo
WHAT DOES HE DO? Site designer and picture editor.

WORDS OF WISDOM? Wow! We actually survived for a year! When we first started, we were worried because it seems like we may not have enough ideas to last us for even a few months. Boy were we wrong. Now, with a truckload of ideas and even better skills, we are looking to make our second year even better than the first!

Ok fine, I’ll admit that it is pretty hard to magically conjure up a thousand word essay simply because – we’re lazy. Having said that, colouring doesn’t take much thinking so I’ll work on that for now. If you hate it, please don’t send me a hate-mail. After all, I’m just an average human being with less than average colouring skills.