Top 7 best soccer comics in the world (Part 2)


Tsukushi and Jin have the desire to become a professional soccer player. However, Tsukushi was always regarded as a burden by his teammates because he was incompetent; On the contrary, Jin is considered as a football genius. The story begins when the two boys meet and accidentally their lives get caught up in professional football matches. The story revolves around Tsukushi’s relentless efforts to become a captain to bring victory to the team.

4. Juuichi Bun no Ichi

Sora gave up pursuing the sport of the king after he felt he could do no more. However, fate allowed him to meet Wakamiya – who was the representative of the Japanese national team, and thereby rekindle his passion. Help from friends like Wakamiya and Shiki helped him fight his traumatic past, become a great player and inspire people.

5. Area no Kishi

Kakeru since childhood has felt he has no affinity with football. He spends most of his time avoiding the football field and cheering on his older brother Suguru – an outstanding player at the moment. An unfortunate accident occurred and since then his life completely changed. Kakeru matured and realized his passion.

Not only is a sports comic, Area no Kishi has a bit of romance, mixed with ingenious character development. Kakeru’s journey to overcome his past woes and become a talented scorer makes this manga worthy of being on everyone’s comic bookcase.

6. Jindodinho

The series tells about the adventure in 5 continents and the round ball of the hard-working DaZai. For me, this is the best comic series because it shows the desire of a young man to fulfill his father’s dream of being famous. The goalkeeper lost Japan to shine in the World Cup against the stars of the world.

7. Area no Kishi

Not only about football, Area no Kishi also has romantic details, with the development of character as in real life. Kakeru from a boy with a traumatic past but beyond all, he has grown up and always pursues his passion to eventually become an excellent striker.