Things to know about comic history (Part 3)

Comic Code is a very strict law, author Marv Wolfman once told readers about the unreasonable severity of this law.

When he started working in DC, the publisher did not allow his Wolfman surname to be printed because, according to Comic Code, anything related to werewolf was banned. Luckily after that, when the human mind was gradually cleared, the law was also loosened, but there are still some basic things such as no nudity, brutal murder, no brutal torture rape, sexual intercourse, non-advocacy for the use of drugs as well as homosexual relations.

Between the 1950s and 1970s was the Silver Age. After the second world war ended, Comic had to compete fiercely with genres such as horror and detective. Superheroes are back, selected, psychologically and mentally invested, and everyday conflicts are clearly portrayed, using scientific theories to explain their stories. The plot is also becoming more and more complex. This period also marks the dominance of two giants in the American Comic publishing industry, Marvel and DC. DC returns with the Superman series, Batman series and most popular series bringing together all of DC’s superheroes: Justice League of America. Marvel has emerged with the series The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men.

Modern Age starts from the 1980s until now, the heroes have become more real, people with deep inner conflicts, many authors put into their stories the problems. contemporary pain such as alcohol, drugs … the color of the story also becomes darker. The battles in the story are no longer just between heroes and bad people, but also the government and industrial tycoons. This period also gave birth to a new class of characters: The anti-hero with extremely complex psychology and stories with many tragic elements. The drawing style in American Comic is the realistic style, the expressive expression is not fluent and expressive like the style of Manga. However, if you are familiar with Comic, readers will love that drawing style.